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How often should you REALLY vacuum your carpet?

Posted by: David Lanni on February 13, 2022

Are you the kind of person who likes to get the hoover out every day or is once a month more your style? Are the hairballs blowing across the laminate tumbleweed style or is your carpet spotless and dust-free?

So, just how often should you be vacuuming your carpet?

Leaving dirt in a carpet causes the carpet fibres and underlay to break down creating a breeding ground for dust mites and germs and no one wants those in their homes!

There are no strict rules when it comes to how often you should hoover your house, but by using the following as a guideline, you can prolong the life of both your carpet and underlay.


  • Carpets can usually withstand being vacuumed several times a week without being damaged. We recommend making sure you concentrate on high traffic areas first and have a thorough hoover of the rest of the room once a week if time is short.
  • But is it good to vacuum every day? Vacuuming high-traffic areas of the room more frequently will give you more overall carpet protection. It will also help pull up the carpet fibres and stop those well-trodden tracks and squashed carpets. If you can, a quick daily hoover would be best, but we know that for most of us this just isn’t possible!
  • How often should you hoover if you have pets? If you have animals in your home, vacuuming daily is recommended due to the amount of hair, dirt and allergens that can build up. This will also help to eliminate any nasty smells that can otherwise accumulate.
  • Do you need to vacuum more when you have children? Yes is the simple answer! Regular hoovering makes your home a much more hygienic place. If you have children at home who like to watch tv while stretched out on the floor, we’d recommend hoovering these areas at least every other day to reduce the build-up of surface dirt that can transfer onto clothing and hands. It will also get rid of those crumbs that have fallen onto the floor!
  • How often should you hoover bedrooms? Rooms you spend the most time in will obviously need to be vacuumed more, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore bedrooms for weeks on end! Hoover bedrooms at least twice a week to eliminate dust and skin particles and the build-up of things like hair, especially if a hairdryer is used in the bedroom.
  • Do laminate floors need hoovering less? Even though most of us would whizz around the laminate with a brush, it is still essential to hoover at least once a week as well. Hoovering picks up the debris and dust that a brush leaves behind, and can also reach dirt in cracks and grooves better than brushing. Most modern vacuum cleaners will have a special attachment for smooth floors so will reduce the risk of scratching and marking the floor.

Overall, carpets will sustain a lot less damage from hoovering than they will if you leave the dirt to build up, causing damage to both the carpet fibres and underlay.

Keep your home dust and dirt free and make your hoover your best friend!

How can Poplar help?

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