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Poplar Carpets and 3rd Bromsgrove Scout Group

Posted by: Stephen Day on August 23, 2023

Sponsorship of the 3rd Bromsgrove Scout Group

At Poplar Carpets, we were recently given the opportunity to contribute to the 3rd Bromsgrove Scout Group's new and greatly improved kitchen facilities! It is with immense pride that Poplar Carpets has been able to play a part in this project, by providing materials and labour for the group's hut facilities.

The 3rd Bromsgrove Scout Group serves as a hub for 60 youngsters aged between 6 and 14, offering them weekly sessions filled with fun and valuable life skills. With our collaboration, they have been able to add cooking to their list of activities, and the purpose-built double kitchen is now fully up and running!

Shirejams, pizza and cake!

One of the immediate benefits of the new kitchen was made clear during the Beavers' overnight stay at the hut in preparation for their Shirejam ( experience. For many of these young Beavers, it was their first time being away from home and their families. The new facilities provided them with a fantastic experience! This milestone also made their Shirejam adventure possible. During their sleepover, the Beavers had the opportunity to make their own pizzas and cakes!

The improved facilities have also allowed the group to engage in activities such as making fruit smoothie ice lollies, baking cakes, and serving lots of cups of tea and coffee to various community groups. This enhanced kitchen space has also opened doors for the group to offer their facilities to a wider section of the community, bringing in additional funding to provide the youngsters with the best opportunities possible.

Commitment to our local communities

At Poplar Carpets, we take great pride in our commitment to sponsoring initiatives within our local community.

Thank you once again to the 3rd Bromsgrove Scout Group for giving Poplar Carpets the opportunity to make a difference. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact in our community!

Poplar Carpets | 3rd Bromsgrove Scout Group
Poplar Carpets | 3rd Bromsgrove Scout Group

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