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How to measure your STAIRS for new CARPET

Posted by: David Lanni on March 30, 2022

How to measure your STAIRS for new CARPET.

It sounds complicated, right? It’s really not if you follow our simple guide.

  • Starting from the top step, measure the depth of the tread (the part that you stand on) from the back to the front edge.
  • Next measure the riser (the height of the step between one step and the next)
  • Add 5 cm to each of your measurements to allow extra required for edges and underlay.
  • Add these two measurement together eg. 22cm + 22cm = 44cm
  • Multiply this number by the total number of steps to give you the length of the carpet you need.
  • Next, measure the width and add 5cm for allowances.
  • If your stairs have half landings or winders, you will need to add extra to your measurement for these.

If you are considering using a patterned or striped carpet this can also require extra carpet to allow for pattern matching.

If you have a non-standard (straight) staircase we strongly advise using a professional to do these measurements for you.

As with measuring for a room, this guide will only give you an approximate measurement for your stair carpet. We would strongly recommend using a professional before making your final purchase.

Remember underlay and fitting costs will not be included in your estimated prices!

Our helpful and friendly teams are available in all of our showrooms to help you with this, and to book any professional measuring services for you, ahead of you making your purchase.

How can Poplar help?

For more help and advice on choosing your carpet visit us in-store today or click on the Visit Us  page to find a store near you. Come and have a chat with one of our friendly and experienced team, we look forward to seeing you.

We are a family-run business with over 50 years of experience and we love what we do. Our team of over 250 staff throughout the Midlands offer excellent service and support making the whole experience a positive one. We are here to help.

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