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Make Great First Impressions with a Hallway Makeover | Poplar Carpets

Posted by: Emily Cantrill on April 27, 2023

First impressions matter, whether they're in person or in your home. When someone enters your house, the first thing they notice is your hallway. A well-decorated and organised hallway can make a great first impression on your guests. It can also improve the mood of your family, who see it first every day! And the best part? You can easily makeover your hallway within your budget. Read on for some tips on how to make great first impressions with a hallway to be proud of!


Flooring is the foundation of your hallway makeover. If your current flooring is old and shoddy, replace it with a new one. Vinyl and laminate floors are affordable and durable options. They are also easy to install and maintain. Vinyl flooring comes in different colours, patterns, and styles that can match your home decor. Laminate flooring also comes in a variety of colours and styles, including hardwood, stone, and tile imitation. A beautiful and functional floor makes your hallway look fresh and neat and we have a great range of both laminate and vinyl flooring options in all of our Poplar Carpets showrooms.

Flooring from Poplar Carpets

Wall Decor

Your hallway walls are an opportunity to showcase a personal touch. Add some family photos or paintings and prints to make it look impressive, and if you use matching frames, you can make it look even better! If you have a long hallway, a gallery wall can make a big impact. You can mix and match your frames, sizes, and colours, but make sure they complement each other.


Lighting is essential in a hallway makeover. A bright hallway creates an impression of spaciousness, while dim lighting makes it look uninviting. Natural lighting from windows is a perfect way to brighten up your hallway. If you don’t have windows, ceiling-mounted lights or wall sconces will do the job. A floor lamp can also add some personality and texture to your hallway decor.


A well-organised hallway is aesthetically pleasing and functional - especially if you have children. Storage solutions such as built-in shelves or a console table with storage can enhance your decor while making your hallway clutter-free. A bench is also an excellent storage option while providing a comfortable spot to sit and put shoes on in the morning - and also hide them when everyone gets home!

Add some Greenery

Adding plants to your hallway instantly makes it feel calm and fresh. A plant stand with a few different plants can give your hallway a natural touch. Or, if your space is limited, hanging planters or a few small plants on a side table can create an organic look.

Creating a great first impression with a hallway makeover is easy and affordable. Start with the foundation by choosing a beautiful and functional floor, then decorate with personal touches, good lighting, and storage solutions. Finish off with a greenery touch to bring life to your space. Above all, make sure it reflects your personal style to create a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests!

How can Poplar help?

For more help and advice on choosing your flooring visit us in-store today or click on the Visit Us page to find a store near you. Come and chat with one of our friendly and experienced team, we look forward to seeing you.

We are a family-run business with over 50 years of experience, and we love what we do. Our team of over 250 staff members throughout the Midlands offers excellent service and support. We are here to help!

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