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Make the Most of Longer Days and Warmer Weather with Some Summer Flooring Projects

Posted by: Emily Cantrill on June 11, 2024

With the arrival of summer (we think!), the warmer weather and extended daylight hours give the perfect opportunity to tackle some flooring projects around your home. Whether you’re looking to refresh your current floors or install new ones, here are some summer flooring project ideas to make the most of the longer days.

Deep Clean and Refresh Carpets

Summer is the ideal time to give your carpets a deep clean, ensuring they look their best for the months ahead:

  • Firstly, start by having a really intense vacuum, making sure you move ALL of the furniture that normally gets hoovered around and properly get in there to remove any build up of surface dirt and dust.
  • You could consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner for a deep clean that removes embedded dirt and allergens. You can make the most of being able to throw open the doors and windows to allow for quick drying and airing of your home
  • If getting in professionals isn’t your thing and you prefer to take these jobs on yourself, you could rent a carpet cleaner or use a high-quality carpet cleaning solution to freshen up your carpets yourself.

Install New Flooring

Longer days provide so much more time to undertake more extensive projects like installing new floors.

  • Consider the type of flooring that suits your home’s style and your personal preference.
  • Choose the room that you've been meaning to update for a while now and invest in using the extra daylight to start your own flooring project. Flooring projects for your home don't need to be daunting but if you're unsure seek the help of a professional flooring fitter.

Update your Vinyl or Laminate Flooring

If you’re looking for a quick and budget-friendly flooring update, vinyl or laminate flooring can be installed really efficiently during the summer months:

  • First, select your style, choosing from a variety of designs that could look like wood, stone, or tile.
  • You’ll hopefully have plenty of dry days to prepare the floor beforehand, ensuring it is clean, dry, and level before installation. 
  • Many vinyl and laminate flooring options come as rolls or with easy-to-install click-and-lock systems, making them a good DIY project.

Refinish your Wooden Floors

Refinishing your wooden floors is a great job to get done in the summer months. Plenty of daylight and warm air circulating will get the job done and dried out in no time. This will really restore their original beauty and extend their lifespan.

  • Sand the floors to remove the old finish and smooth out any imperfections.
  • Choose a new stain colour that complements your home’s interior
  • Make use of the time to apply a sealant to protect the floors from wear and tear.

Maintenance For Outside

Take advantage of the good weather to give your outdoor spaces a bit of TLC or opt for some new flooring.

  • You could do some decking maintenance by power washing and resealing your deck to protect it from summer sun and rain.
  • How about upgrading the patio? Install weather-resistant tiles or pavers to create a stylish and durable patio area.
  • Have you tried any of the outdoor flooring trends yet? Who doesn’t love an outdoor rug! You could add a bit of comfort and colour with weather-resistant outdoor rugs.

Regular Maintenance and Small Repairs

Summer is also a great time for regular maintenance and addressing minor flooring repairs. 

  • Give all your flooring, inside and out a really deep clean.
  • Inspect for Damage by checking for cracks, warping, or loose tiles and repair them promptly.
  • Once you are done, help protect your floors longer by using furniture pads to prevent scratches on hardwood or laminate floors.

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