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What to Do When Laminate Flooring Gets Wet: Quick Tips for Your Home

Posted by: Emily Cantrill on September 5, 2023

Laminate flooring can transform the look of your home, but what happens when it gets wet? Our best advice is, don't panic!! Here's a handy guide to help you stay in control of the situation and limit any damage.

1. Act Fast

Time is of the essence when dealing with wet laminate flooring. Begin by quickly removing any standing water using absorbent towels, cloths or a wet/dry vacuum. The longer moisture lingers, the higher the risk of damage. Never use a wet mop as this will just increase the moisture in the affected area.

Removing a water spill from laminate flooring with a soft cloth.

2. Ventilation is Key

After removing excess water, make sure the affected area is really well ventilated. Open all the windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate through the room. Additionally, using fans and dehumidifiers can speed up the drying process. Proper airflow helps prevent moisture from seeping deeper into the laminate layers, reducing the potential for long-term damage.

3. Check for Damage

Once you've managed the initial moisture and spillage, closely inspect the laminate for any visible signs of damage. Look for warping, buckling, or noticeable discoloration. These are indicators that the moisture has already caused some degree of harm to the flooring. If you spot significant damage, it might be necessary to replace the affected sections. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t have to mean replacing the whole floor! Damage can normally only affect one or two planks, which can be replaced individually. It’s a good idea to keep any leftover planks when you have laminate flooring fitted, for situations just like this.

Bubbling and damage caused to laminate flooring planks after getting wet.

4. Dry Thoroughly

Besides the general ventilation, using a dehumidifier can help in maintaining a controlled indoor environment if there has been excessive water spillage. Lowering the humidity level in the room helps dry out the flooring and prevents mould and mildew staring to grow, especially underneath the laminate where it is impossible to reach.

Always make sure that the laminate is completely dry before considering repairs or replacements as the drying process may make the damage less visible.

5. Consult Professionals

If the damage is extensive or you're uncertain about the best course of action, it's best to consult flooring professionals. They possess the expertise to take a look at the damage and situation accurately and offer personalised recommendations tailored to your specific flooring type and the level of damage incurred. They can also help you avoid any costly DIY mistakes!

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