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How to make your house look and feel cosy this winter

Posted by: David Lanni on November 23, 2022

As the weather is turning wetter and windier and we settle into the approaching winter do you feel like creating a cocoon to keep you and your family cosy?

How can you make your home feel even warmer and more inviting, even without turning the heating up quite so much this year?

There are several tricks you can use to make a room look warmer and more snug.


Choosing a warm colour palette can make the darkest and coldest of rooms feel more inviting. Even if you just paint one wall it can add to an illusion of warmth. If decorating isn’t something you’re thinking of doing, a few soft furnishings, cushions and throws can make a big difference. Using natural tones of earthy browns, reds and yellows can help too.

Choosing to paint your entire room in one dark, warm-toned colour can make you feel like your room is cocooning you in a warm hug. We think being brave and going for dark greys and blues throughout the whole room will definitely give you the best hugs!

Magnificus, Luxor and Embrace @ Poplar Carpets


Use different textures across different surfaces where you can. A plush carpet, a soft woollen throw and a couple of velvet cushion covers can be just enough to make the room look softer and feel softer and warmer.

If you’re looking to get new flooring, a new carpet with a really good underlay will add sound and heat insulation to any room.

We have a perfect carpet in name and nature and it comes in a variety of colours that will do the job nicely! Give yourself and your home a warm ‘Embrace’ with our Embrace range from only £15.50 a square metre.

Embrace @ Poplar carpets from £15.50 sqmt


Soft lighting from just one, two or more table lamps, rather than an overhead harsh light can make such a difference to a room and its ambience. If you choose a warmer yellow light bulb rather than a cold white light bulb it will soften the room further. Again, adding warm tones on furnishings, flooring and accessories like cushions and throws can make a big difference in making a perfect snug and cosy cocoon for you to snuggle up with the family as the cold weather sets in.

Carpet ranges featured are Poplar Carpets Saratoga £12.75 sqmt; Poplar Carpets Luxor £14.99 sqmt; Poplar Carpets Magnificus £22.95 sqmt; Poplar Carpets Embrace £15.50 sqmt. 

For more information on these ranges and to pick up your free samples please visit any of our stores. Our store finder can be found at the top of this page.

Saratoga and Luxor @ Poplar Carpets

How can Poplar help?

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We are a family-run business with over 50 years of experience and love what we do. Our team of over 250 staff throughout the Midlands offer excellent service and support making the whole experience a positive one. We are here to help.

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